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Random Crud 101

   Hey, I sort of just realised today that even though I had put a message in my new website linking to this one in case they wanted to visit it, I hadn't put a notification on this site.
   THIS IS AN OLD WEBSITE... near the bottom I think I mentioned Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King still being in theaters? As well as Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban's Trailer just coming out. So we're in the 2003ish era here.
   Anyways, the only reason I'm puting this up right now is due to the fact that I checked the guestbook and there are LOTS of entries from 2005 that implied that the site was appearingly new.
   My current website for coming on about two years now.. is Free Will. Aaannnd... I know that some part of it might be less interesting then this website but it was mostly supposed to be a throw-together sort of thing so I didn't lose track of all of my Song Sites.
   But anyways, enough of my blabbing you can still 'enjoy' this site if you wish.


UPDATE!: Well, I do update often, quite often actually, but this one is extremely noticable, unless you havn't visited my site before, yes it has changed. I had added new sounds, new fanfics, new pictures, and much more! so up, just explore the site and sign the guestbook! Thanx! Pe@cE-Frogs!




 *walks out wearing her grey soccer pants TWO sizes too big, an old baggy white soccer t-shirt and some nifty shades*

 YO!! This Hannah here, obviously! And WELCOME to my website!
Pretty spiffy, eh? *grins* COMPLETE WITH ANNOYING POPUPS! Sorry, they're an extra, can't get rid of THEM. darn. anyway...
For those of you who don't know IS my LIFE. Ya know, the whole breath in the morning, dreams at night, and every thought inbetween crap! Okay not really, but I still love it! I also like reading, duh... and---- ya know what? how bout we skip this boring crap! explore the site! Have fun!
And don't hurt yourself!

Why are you scrolling down looking for more?! I said explore the site, you stupid bloody gits!

Whas goin' down?
OK! sense I havn't gotten any feedback I'll assume that NOBODY'S going to help me out with scores so......I've updated again!
Like the new background? ...not that it changed much!
anyway...PoA trailer...still alive and well at as well was RotK in theaters! and oh...take Callie's test and My test!
And sign the guestbook =D
with much thanks -

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I got this poster at Spencers! Isn't it awesome!?
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